Goodbye, Gmail Video Chat. Hello Google+ Hangouts

If you enjoy video chatting over Gmail the way you’ve been doing it since 2008, better wave your last goodbyes to your buddy list. Starting Monday, and continuing over the next few weeks, Google is going to be replacing Gmail video chat with Google+ Hangouts. “Unlike the old video chat, which was based on peer-to-peer […]

20 Reasons to Switch to Google+ [INFOGRAPHIC]

  20 Reasons to Switch to Google+ [INFOGRAPHIC].

How To Use Google Plus For Business.

After the launch of Google + millions of users have joined this huge social network. Learn with this video tutorial how to use this business network for your benefits. How To Use Google Plus For Business.

Louis Gray – Google+ – 10 Great Ways to Get Discovered on Google+ As social…

As social networks evolve, so to do your circles. Even in the few months since our launch, you’ve probably added a lot of people to your circles who you didn’t know before – people who share common interests, or came by recommendation of a trusted friend or expert via Louis Gray – Google+ – 10 […]